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Thee-O uses quite a varied electronic production style over the range of tracks on “Adrift”; from fully ambient, downtempo and minimal, to hip hop, IDM, glitch and dance: making each track fairly diverse and allowing for unexpected musical excursions. –  Chris Bolszo (

There a respectable variety and pacing to the album. ”Hydrodynamic,” a good way to take step back from the pounding bass drums and fast paced lifestyle, and just chill. –

I truly believe with the right exposure Reef Project is destined to make an impressionable impact as both an artist and producer – let it be said, you heard it here first. – Shimone Samuel (

While those living in Los Angeles and around the West Coast region may be quite familiar with the name Thee-O (and/or Reef Project), it is time for the rest of the world to get educated of this truly innovative and exciting producer. – Daniel Mnookin (Resident Advisor)

If you know the ambient / chill out scene and what it’s like, the album “Deep End” will definitely set you on a slow mellow trip to the edges of your consciousness. – (

Wow, what an amazing CD. I’ve made it though one time. I think it’s gonna take a few times times to really understand. – Jason Blakemore (Life Music)

I have not stopped listening to it. It’s wicked!!! Your production is sick bro. – Trent Cantrelle (Vise Records)

I F#@&*! loved your CD. I loved the messages, the pace and style of the music. It is beautiful & very mature. Very easy to listen to over and over and hear different parts with each listen. I am really enjoying it a lot. – DJ DRC (Undefined Musik)

Combines new age ambiance, house, and drum-n-bass without sucking (quite an accomplishment). Mellow grooves to lift your spirits. – Laze (

The Reef Project’s “Deep End” is filled with introspective beats that are inconspicuously deep and methodically built. It is a must have for every fan of electronic music. – (

I think you took a sharp turn forward from your first Reef Project CD. I also loved the first CD, but in a different way (ie. a beautiful CD to lull you to sleep). This one I popped into my CD player in my car on my way to work and definitely dug it. The production quality was wonderful, as well as the addition of the IDMish and minimal beats. – Sarah Krug (Samarah, Digital Harmony)

“Deep End” is a very solid recording – I like how you mixed up the various ambient subgenres, going from dub to chill out to trip-hop to drum and bass and even some drifting pieces. Very nicely done. Bill Binkelman (

When Thee-O of Reef Project goes off the “Deep End “, he falls into the fluids of deep space. Sometimes the seductive currents drift sans drums, but are more often injected with tasty drumbits. Sweet! – David J Opdyke (

There is an obvious growing, learning, channeling aspect to this recording with great promise. This would appeal to fans of Delirium or artists on the Moonshine label and maybe even fans of early Depeche Mode. – TJ Norris (

Well-constructed and very enjoyable beat/ambient/techno album, which goes in enough different directions to keep you surprised and interested. – Jeremy Keens (Ampersand Etc.)

A perfect accompaniment to the tripped-out videos found in chill-out rooms, “Star” is an album that deserves careful attention; it would probably keep folks in altered mind-states very busy. – Christine Hsieh (Armchair DJ)

Los Angeles producer and DJ Thee-O is practically a household name on the rave circuit, considered to be one of the premier progressive DJs in the scene. However, there’s one thing that many may not know about him, and that is capability to produce ambient chill-out sounds that can be best described as strangely beautiful. – Kered (Future BPM)

Produced immaculately…. really nice stuff – Patrick Turner (Movim Records)

Not only a top-notch DJ, California’s Thee-O (Jacob Ofilas) translates a great ear to some solid production. The Reef Project -“Deep End”, moves with original sound, proper arrangements and production skills. These tracks span the downtempo flavors of lush, deep house landscapes, spacey drum-n-bass and breaks. The album is excellent for that long drive back from a party or a relaxing night at home. – Geoffrey of Mint

I listened to your album a few times last night driving back and forth from San Francisco, really good work bro, I can’t wait for the next one…keep at it – Gavin Hardkiss (Sunburned, Hardkiss Brothers)

Received the new Reef Project CD and have been enjoying it tremendously. This is a classic ambient chill-out style dj mix and includes some amazing Reef Project tracks. – DJ Monolith

For kicking back during a chill mode, this CD fits well into the background with its positive vibe, pleasantly curving melodies, and wonderful sound design. – Jules Mari (

More melodic, structured and rhythmic is this rather excellent debut album from Los Angeles DJ and producer Thee-O. His first excursion in chill is squarely aimed at clubbers but it’s also far from limited to after-party chillout sessions. Played morning, noon or night it consistently impresses with its clean melodies, crisp textures, quirky sounds and occasional sequenced beats. – Mickey G (

“Deep End” hearkens back to the early days of ambient techno. But the Reef Project, aka DJ Thee-O, also offers up slices of melody and beats on tracks inspired by Warp artists like B12 and Black Dog. – Jacob Arnold (

This is deeply textured music and multiple playings will reveal its complexity to the persistent listener. Of course, you can also just cue this puppy up on your CD player as background ambient music and either trip-out to the beats or submerge yourself in the more drifting tracks. Either choice works – and works damn well. – Bill Binkelman (

“Deep End” is the most beautiful chill out album I’ve heard – Nathan Smith (Elevated Beat Magazine)

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